music library move but still looking for old path

  • 8 July 2022
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Upgraded to a new Synology NAS, and upgraded from S1 to S2. Added the path to the new NAS and deleted the path to the old. However the system still tries to connect to music that was loaded on the old device. Tried this on both the IOS mobile and the MAC desktop apps.

How can I remove the old library references so that it only uses the new ones? Alternatively, how can I remove all links to the library so that I can start again, tried it using the “Manage Library Settings” but made no difference?

Have seen similar problems In the past if I move music to different locations in my library, the music index update fails to remove the old links.



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5 replies

These few points should hopefully cover all bases (not all of these steps maybe required) depending on how the old library was setup/managed previously and steps taken before switching to the new NAS…

Look in the ‘About My System’ area of the Sonos App (in Settings/System) and temporarily power off the device shown as the ‘Associated Product’. 

In ‘Music Library Setup’ in the App, just ensure you see the path to the new library only. Remove any older path(s) no longer in use.

In the Sonos App remove any previously saved  playlists and album/artist/tracks shortcuts to the previous library from the ‘My Sonos Tab’

In the library itself, either delete, or update any saved playlists that have the full UNC path references to the old library and replace them with the new path. In some instances these may be stored in an .xml file that may need editing in a text editor.

Now re-index the library and you can then power on the associated product device too.

Ken, thanks for your advice which I’ve followed to little progress.

Turned off Associated Product, deleted all my Sonos Playlists, over 20. Checked that only the new NAS is defined in the Music Library Settings and re-indexed the library.

On the desktop app I am able to play individual songs from the library but if I add them to a playlist and try to play them from the playlist it tells me it is “unable to add songs to the queue”.

On the mobile app if I try to play an individual song from the library it tries to use the old path and consequently fails.

I believe that the re-indexing process is failing to remove the prior library settings and I feel the only way forward is to remove or clear the library and start again. The only question is how?



Have you emptied the Queue? I don’t think that Queue entries are updated if you move the library. Sometimes Playlists will be updated, but this is not guaranteed.

I have a several NAS boxes here with local libraries and so I’ve just switched and re-indexed the library via the App and that has worked okay for me. You mentioned individual tracks are working, but not if you add them to a playlist, is this a brand new playlist? If not, maybe try adding them to a new one and then see if they play when added to the speaker queue and as @buzz mentions clear the existing speaker queue before you attempt these things too.

Guys thanks, I had cleared the queue and the playlists were brand new ones.

Tried again today and despite one ‘bad’ path from my iPhone app, everything now seems to be working fine. Seems that having closed everything down overnight as I normally do, speakers had managed to clear themselves and accept the new path on re-initialising.

Thanks for your help and suggestions.