Music Library disappeared and cannot find it

  • 15 May 2023
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I always use Deezer (similar to Spotify) but suddenly (I think after an update) Deezer disappeared in my Sonos account. Is it no longer supported?

9 replies

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Hi @RalphGadiot 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

Deezer is still available on Sonos, and it should not have disappeared from your Sonos system. The only reason I can think of for that happening (aside from someone else removing it) is if your country changed in your Sonos account profile. Please log in at then go to Profile and ensure it is set to the correct country. If you did need to change it, it may take a restart of the Sonos app and/or your speakers before Deezer becomes available once more.

If, however, your Deezer account was removed by someone, you should be able to add it again by going to Settings » Services & Voice » Add a service.

I hope this helps - if not, I recommend you get in touch with our technical support team who have tools at their disposal that will allow them to give you advice specific to your Sonos system and what it reports.

Thanks for your reply.

I checked my country and address in my profile but it is not correct. When I try to change it, it keeps switching back to the incorrect address. I tried turning VPN off but that doesn’t help as well.

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Hi @RalphGadiot 

Ah - yes, I have heard a report or two of people being unable to change the country themselves - we are investigating it.

What country are you in? I’ll change it for you. If you want your full address entered, please message it to me instead of posting here. Thanks.

Bonaire (Netherlands Antilles)

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Hi @RalphGadiot 

When I opened the tool that I thought would allow me to change the address for you, I saw that it already had you down as being in Netherlands Antilles. Getting suspicious, I checked a different tool and saw USA as your country. Clearly something weird is going on here, so this doesn’t seem to be as easy a fix for me to perform for you as I initially thought. I have enlisted help, though, and we should have this sorted out for you soon - though unfortunately not today, it seems. I will get back to you soon.

During the course of my experiments, I had your preferred contact language changed from US English to Dutch - I don’t know if this is your preference or not, but it seemed like it would be. Please let me know if you’d prefer it to be changed back.

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Hi @RalphGadiot 

I said I would be in touch soon, but I haven’t been able to find an answer as of yet. What’s strange is that even if you were in the USA, you should still be able to get Deezer.

Please be assured that we have not forgotten about you and are still looking into this for you.

If you are getting impatient, however - which is completely understandable - I suspect a new Sonos account would fix all of this. You would just need to re-register your Sonos devices to the new account:

  1. From the Settings tab, tap System.

  2. Tap Transfer System Ownership and follow the prompts.

    • Sign-in to confirm system ownership

    • Enter the email address of the new system owner

      • If the registered system email is unknown, select I can't access this account

  3. Select Continue for Ready to transfer

  4. Enter the email address for the new system owner

  5. Enter the password for the new system account

  6. Confirm the first and last name of the system account owner

Note: If you subscribe to Sonos Radio HD, you will also need to transfer your subscription by cancelling your Sonos Radio HD subscription on your old account, then re-subscribing using your new account.

If you have any voice services connected to your Sonos system, you’ll need to relink the service to Sonos after the transfer is complete. First, remove your voice services from all of your Sonos products. Once removed, go back to Settings > Services and tap Add a Service under Voice. Follow the directions in the app to add your voice service back to your system.

I recommend removing your Deezer account first, and adding it afterwards.

I hope this helps.

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Hi @RalphGadiot 

I’m still trying to get to the bottom of this for you. If, in the Sonos app, you go to Settings » Services & Voice » Add a Service (under Music & Content), do you see Deezer there as an option after typing the first few letters?

Hi corry


thanks for your persistency! Deezer does not come up when I try searching it in “add a service”. I have not yet tried your first suggestion of getting a new Sonos account. I tried removing Deezer and re-installing it again but that did not do anything.

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Hi @RalphGadiot 

To be honest, we’d prefer it if you stuck with your current account just so we can tell if we have this issue fixed or not - I just wanted to give you options. Plus, you shouldn’t have to go to the bother.

Deezer not showing in the list of services supports the idea that it went missing due to the location confusion, so I do think we’re on the right track for getting Deezer working on Sonos for you again. You are not alone in being unable to change your address, so we really are looking into this issue.

I gather by uninstalling and reinstalling you are referring to the Deezer app? I wouldn’t expect that to change anything, but at least it has been tried! Thanks.

Hopefully, a resolution with be forthcoming soon.