Music from Spotify starts re-playing on Sonos system - Spotify, Sonos, Iphone 15, Jeep w/CarPlay

  • 4 March 2024
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Going out of my mind here folks !!

Sonos speaker starts playing a Spotify playlist (much later) after I have left the house & WiFi

Current hardware/software which is obviously always changing with updates:

> Iphone 15 Pro

> Spotify App and also desktop versions on Macbook Pro and Air. 

> Sonos (plenty of them around the house) w/ 1 continual offending culprit - Sonos Play 1

Problem statement:

Go in to home gym, utilize Iphone 15 Pro to play music from Spotify App to a specific Sonos Play 1. When done, sometimes I press pause on Spotify app, sometimes pause, close app, etc… regardless, music stops / pauses play. Sound is done etc.. gone.

Leave the house in 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Sometimes play music with USB to Iphone and through Apple Car Play in Jeep. Make a few stops. Generally a few hours later, when getting back in car, wife claims Sonos speaker in gym is playing music again. Tonight, I had happened to be out of the car, car shut off, and was maybe 2-3 miles from house. On home screen (locked home screen of Iphone), could see Spotify playing a track from original playlist on same speaker in gym. Asked wife if the particular song I saw on phone locked screen was same sone playing - she said yes.  I was then able to actually press “pause” on Spotify app from locked Iphone home screen and she said it worked. 

Reason I’m asking is I need some help to figure out why this is just now happening and how to fix it - please and thank you.

 Love to know both as I’m a tiny bit of a geek and like to know how all of this stuff is working. 

** Added bonus** 

Had a solid Metallica greatest hits playlist start blasting once - wife was the only one home -  same similar situation, however, I do not recall seeing Spotify on locked home screen.  Was a real bear trying to coach her through a way to stop this.  

Last tidbit of info to help diagnose. It’s very possible that I start a playlist via Iphone to Spotify to Sonos.  End gym session, pause music, leave property.  Wife comes home and Spotify/Sonos starts to crank “on it’s own”.

I’m at a loss. 

Iphone / Spotify / Sonos apps all updated as of todays date of March 3, 2024. 

Am I overlooking some autoplay/bluetooth/WiFi issue? 

Strength in numbers folks. I’m so very appreciative of your help and insight in advance!!

Thank you for reading and hopefully the help. Surely others have exp the same. 

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