Low volume when using Line in on my Port

  • 27 February 2021
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I have just added a Port to my Sonos set up.

I am running the Pre out from my NAD C368 amp into Line In on the Port so I can have my vinyl and CD available to my other Sonos speakers I have around the house. It all works but the volume from my Sonos speakers is very low. I have put the Source level to Level 10. This helped a bit but I still need to turn the volume up to around 60% on my Sonos 1 speakers in order to get good level - its definitely not loud!

One problem is that as soon as i switch source on my Sonos speakers to Radio or streaming the volume is deafening!! and I have to be quick off the mark to turn it down before waking the whole village.

Any suggestions or is this just something I will just have to live with?



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8 replies

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From the C368 manual :

• PRE-OUT/SUBW will be affected by the C 368’s volume control settings. Turn the VOLUME control to adjust the output level of the PRE OUT/SUBW sockets.

Have you tried turning up the volume on the NAD?


Hi Thanks. I have tried this but when the volume on the Sonos speakers is about right the volume on the passive speakers linked to my NAD are way too high.



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On the Port, is Loudness on and Volume Limit set to Off? 

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Looks like there is a setting on the NAD to configure the PREOUT/SUBW ports to either pre-out or SUBW. Page 15 of eth download manual from the NAD webpage. Do you have it set to PRE OUT? Just wondering if this may be something to do with it.



Preout port is set to Preout and on PORT loudness is ON and volume Limit is set to Off. TBH I think this may be something I have to live with.

Looking at the manual again I see I can switch Speaker A and B ON or OFF. When I get home I’ll see if I can turn both OFF. That may do the trick.

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As mentioned, the main output voltage level varies depending on the volume control on the NAD.  That output voltage varies between different sources, ie. tuner, phono, cd as well.  
As long as you just wish to play your Sonos speakers without the NAD speakers at the same time, you should be fine.  You will just need to find a volume knob setting on the NAD and a line level setting on the Sonos Port that works the best and turn the speakers on the NAD off.

Are you using some form of amplifier for the Vinyl player and CD player? You may also need a phono stage for your vinyl player


No need as the NAD has a built in Phono stage (at least for MM cartridges, which I have). This is one of the reasons I wanted to use the output from the NAD into the Line in on the Port. The other reason being I can easily switch between my CD and Phono (and a BT source) by switching the source on the NAD, rather than having to switch cables.

Now I can listen to vinyl and CDs on Sonos speakers anywhere in the house. Not quite perfect due to volume issues when switching sources but not bad. 

Thanks everyone for your input, has really helped.