Lost access to local music

  • 7 June 2024
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I have an old Apple Time Capsule device which I use as a target for Time Machine backups. I have also used it at NAS and placed my audio files in a separate folder. In the past this arrangement has worked well. Now that I have updated my Sonos system to the current version I can no longer see this folder in my music library. I don’t see a way to add it on the iPhone app, and using the Mac app i get this error:

Unable to add the shared folder to your Music Library (913).

Has support for AFP been removed from the current Sonos apps? If not, how do I reestablish the shared folder access I had in the earlier versions?

1 reply

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If it was using SMBv1 then yes, support has been dropped: needs SMBv2 or 3.

If not, then re-add it using the Mac Desktop app. Also search this forum for “913” for other suggestions.