Looking some expert help reconfiguring my musical mess

  • 1 December 2020
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Since July, when OS Catalina shredded iTunes, killed .xml files and jumbled my entire music collection into a mess, I have been struggling piecemeal to reorganize it. I had iTunes Match and songs saved on my Mac HD and that worked for a long time, Now I have tried relocating to a NAS (without really knowing how), subscribing to Apple Music to have everything in the cloud, tried to transfer playlists into Sonos playlists and about 12 other things.

Bottom line is that I need some pro help to get this thing back to shape. I have requested some quotes from people and they’re looking for $270/hour.

Do you have any recommendations for me? Thanks in advance!


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1 reply

As you have a subscription to both Apple Music and iTunes Match .. all songs uploaded/matched in the iTunes App on your PC/Mac (and your created playlists) uploaded to the iCloud should appear in your Apple Music Service installed in the Sonos App. I assume you have added that service from the ‘Settings/Services & Voice’ area in the Sonos App?


Secondly, might find it useful to move (or perhaps copy) and store your Apple iTunes Music Library over to your Network NAS Box and then setup a (SMB) share to the music folder library in the Sonos App. For that to work however the NAS will need to support the older SMB v1 protocol for sharing the folder/files as that protocol is what Sonos uses to access and stream the tracks. 

You will perhaps need to look at the NAS box user-manual to setup that local SMB share, or perhaps speak to the NAS manufacturers support desk, if you find you are having difficulties with creating that share. See this LINK


So that’s two quick ways to access your music files and play them on your Sonos devices. You may find the first method of accessing the tracks from iCloud the easier method to setup, however it’s also often handy to keep a music library accessible too on your local NAS storage.


Also see this LINK