listening to multiple playlists on Spotify Premium

  • 18 March 2023
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We have a couple of Sonos devices and one Spotify Premium account with multiple users who all have own play lists. Our issue is on Sonos, whomever is signed in, only their playlists show. I have read the content about adding additional accounts etc and switching between but we have one Spotify account so my question is whether there is a way to switch between playlists on Sonos?

I dont want to see my husband’s tunes/podcasts etc and at the moment all I can do is search by artist name for whom I want. Same for other family members. The issue isn’t Spotify as we each have the app, go in, our playlists etc all there. This seems related to the single log-in/user issue of Sonos. Surely there is a workaround here?


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3 replies

This may help.

Rereading, if you’ve only got one account, not a family account, how do you differentiate playlists on the Spotify app? How would Sonos be expected to know whose playlists they were?
in Spotify I’m desktop, you can create folders with playlists in, so I guess you could get each family member to open a folder with their own playlists in, but I am not sure that Spotify folders show up in Sonos.

sorry, rerereading, I’m not sure if the issue is only seeing playlists for who is signed in, or not wanting to see playlists of other family members.

Thanks, this has really helped. On Spotify we have one account, which happens to be listed to me as Plan Manager, but with various others listed as Plan Members. Our issue was, whoever signs into Sonos, we could only see their music lists, podcast choices etc. I think, rereading your link that I have worked it out now. I think I need to actually go in through Spotify and choose to listen on a particular sonos device, whereas I was going on via the Sonos app and looking for my own lists. Playing around with it now this seems to work…

Thanks for taking the time to help