Jumping from Explicit to Clean Album

  • 27 January 2023
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In the Sonos iOS/iPad OS apps, is there any way to jump from an explicit version of an album to the clean version, or vice versa?

Often I will find the explicit version of an album — perhaps because I listened to it recently when my children were at school — but I would like to listen to the clean version once they’re home. As far as I can tell, there’s no way to jump from one to the other… is there?


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3 replies

Not that I’m aware of, in the Sonos software. You’d need to clear the flag in the Sonos software. then reload the service, then choose the album/song. Making that an “easy” process kind of defeats the purpose of such a flag. 

I’m sorry; what flag are you speaking of?

To be clear, I want access to both explicit and clean versions of music; I just wish to be able to flip/flop between them on a whim.

My kids are super young, so I’m not trying to prevent access to the explicit versions. Not yet anyway. 🙃

The “Explicit” flag in the Sonos software. See here