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I tried to get help with this problem a year ago but no one helped me. I believe the problem started with a new computer 2 years ago.

One of my choices, in deciding what music to play, is “Music Library”, which connects to my itunes. From there, I go to Imported Playlists. I often make changes to my playlists, so frequently I go to Manage > Update Music Library Now.

In itunes, everything looks fine. But in Sonos, each of my playlists is listed twice, many with a different number of songs in each list. If I look at that playlist in itunes, it might have yet another number of songs in it.

How can I fix this? I wonder if i have an incorrect setting somewhere...something not pointing to the correct path or folder? My Music and itunes folders are kind of a mess...what looks like lots of extra old stuff.

Thanks for any help you can give me...


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Hi @cranneberry2,


Duplicated iTunes playlists can be caused by having multiple copies of a file called “iTunes Music Library.xml” in the folder that Sonos is looking at. This file contains all the information about your playlists and the songs within, and if there are more than 1 copy of this file then Sonos will read them both, causing the playlists to double up. Have a look inside the folder that you’re sharing with Sonos and move one of the copies out, then re-index your library by pressing Manage → Update Music Library Now in the Sonos app.


Let me know how you get on!

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Although this should work, I’ve found the whole process to be inherently unstable 

So - as I previously posted - if you still have problems, export all your playlists as .m3u files and use these instead of iTunes. Then add and update new playlists as necessary

I have had (relatively) few problems since doing this