internet issues when using sonos

  • 3 December 2022
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I need some advice.. My internet keeps crashing and my provider informed me that it could be the Sonos system I am using. I have Sonos Arc and two speakers in separate rooms and when playing Sonos the whole internet crashes including TV, IPads, iPhones they all come off line. Once I reset the router it’s all fine, until I use Sonos again. I’ve had Sonos speakers for years and this is the  first time it’s happening.  

Can anyone advise me of the problem?  



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Hi. I suspect you mean your LAN is crashing, not Internet?

Are any of your Sonos devices connected by Ethernet? Does your network include any switches or extenders?

What make and model is your router?

Sorry not a technical guy but it’s not connected by Ethernet it’s connected to phone socket by filter. I’m on Utility Warehouse provider that’s EE i believe. It’s was the technician from UW who said that was the problem 

The make I have no idea but it says Technicolor DGA0122NLK

funny but Sonos works perfectly direct from my phone 

sorry that’s the best I can provide 

thank you 

Hi John 

The internet does not work on TV or any other devices at home until I reset the router 



Hi. It sounds like the router and Sonos are incompatible in some way. Quite a few Technicolour routers are as this document shows

I really think this is going to be almost impossible to resolve through the forum. I think you will need to call Sonos Support, as they can remote access your system to see what is happening. 


Does anyone have older Sonos speakers, subwoofer and Move and use Spectrum for internet provider and their router.  I have been told Sonos does not work with Spectrum but has worked for the last 12 months

I’ve moved away from where I had Spectrum, but always connected my own router to their system, rather than trusting their cheap hardware to properly function as a WiFi router. Frankly, I’ve done the same thing with DSL from AT&T. If you’re given hardware by someone, it’s likely not to be optimal. You should use your own, rather than whatever the bean counters allow you to have. 

Thank you for this information