Implementing 14.19 update has lost my Sonos Playlists

  • 20 November 2022
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Hi. Just updated S2 (within Windows 10) to 14.19 and now all my Sonos Playlists have disappeared. Any ideas as to how I can get them to show again? (he says, hoping that the years spent building them hasn’t all been lost). The message that comes up is “No playlists have been added to your Sonos Playlists yet”. For clarity, I’m referencing playlists which I’ve built within Sonos, rather than importing in from my Apple Music platform.



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9 replies

Odd, I’ve never had an update erase my playlists, even including the update that took me from S1 to S2.

To my knowledge, the only way to erase your playlists is to factory reset your Sonos speakers. You didn’t do that, perchance?

Have you looked in a mobile controller? I’m not actually a user of the Windows controller, but all controllers are just a view in to the system running on the speakers. 

….ouch! So at first I did the ‘soft’ restore (unplugging and waiting a bit, etc) and then when that didn’t work - yes, you guessed it - I did the ‘hard’ restore which I think is the factory reset. So as my luck seems to be out tonight, I guess it’s pointless my hoping there’s any form of ‘restore point’ I can return to? 

Unfortunately, you’ve erased all stored data by performing a factory reset….unless you have an old speaker that you haven’t connected. There just isn’t enough memory within a Sonos to set restore points, nor is there a ‘cloud’ component to the system. Sorry…it’s one of the reasons that Sonos states you shouldn’t do one without being told by a Sonos employee, and most of us denizens of this forum suggest it’s just not something that fixes issues at all. 

Many thanks for your guidance Bruce….live and learn, eh?!

Ok - so I now seem to have another problem. I’m looking to reconstruct the ‘main’ Playlist lost earlier - but having tried to add a few songs which I know were in the lost list, the system keeps saying that its “unable to add song to playlist”. Would anyone know what’s happening here?



Could be any of several possibilities, unfortunately. Most often, it tends to be a result of the Sonos speakers maintains a connection to your router. I’d be reading the wifi interference FAQ , but so soon after an update, it does make me wonder about a possible duplicate IP address issue.

Try unplugging all Sonos devices from power. While they are unplugged, reboot your router. Give the router a few minutes to come back up, then plug back in your Sonos. 


You have updated the app and the system? If any doubt, do a check for updates in the system settings.

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I’ve long ago decided to not use Sonos playlists, exactly because of this risk. Sonos  imports my Spotify playlists (though since recently has a problem with very large curated lists - but that’s for another topic).

Thanks all for your help. Pleased to report that system is allowing Sonos Playlist build this morning. That said, I’ll be considering (as mentioned above) whether I should really be building elsewhere and importing.