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  • 12 February 2024
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My sonos says mix 106.3 is no longer available on iHeart Radio - but it is...I'm listening now on my computer (not sonos system). Why?


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7 replies

You may want to ask iHeart radio directly, they are the ones who choose what content they serve to your Sonos system. 

Was working fine on Friday. And I am listening to iHeart radio with that station on my yep will ask iHeart radio.


Every time a radio station I’ve been accustomed to listening to on one service changes services, they’ve not notified their listeners, to my knowledge. Perhaps that will change as more and more people listen online, but I’m not holding my breath. 

Thanks. Have asked them and they are looking into it. Sonos system worked fine again without doing anything for a couple of days then stopped again. Will be interesting to see (hear?!) what happens.

Most companies use a different server (or port on a server) to serve different streams, so listening in one app may (is very likely) be differently sourced. It could just be that the stream being provided to iHeart was bad…or that the stream provided to Sonos by iHeart was bad. Sometimes a little nudge is necessary to get folks to look at those systems. 

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Are you using an S1 system? I debugged a customer’s iheartradio issue on Facebook yesterday that turned out was caused by the stream using an SSL cert from Lets Encrypt, and S1 systems don’t support that. S2 does.


Think S1 on PC only NOT mobile, not through FB etc just boring old school PC. Probably becoming out dated.

Perfectly good speakers...sigh