How to use Sonos in homekit

  • 2 April 2023
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I added several speakers to Apple Homekit.  They show up in Homekit, but when I click on them, they show up with a greyed-out box and everything else grayed-out and a message saying “Not Playing.” This is the same on the iphone and two ipads. However, all Sonos speakers are playing music while the Apple devices give me the grayed- out box and “Not Playing” message.  I reset the router, wifi and powered down the Sonos system several times, with no effect.  I am not using a hub of any kind.  I am connecting locally via wifi.  Is there something I am missing here?


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Hi @BretonMaitre 

I can’t assist you with Apple’s HomeKit, but it does sound like you haven’t done anything incorrectly. I am aware that a previous version of HomeKit stopped AirPlay from working on various third-party devices - not just Sonos - but I’m not aware of what affect this had on HomeKit itself. I recommend you contact Apple Support.

Sonos devices affected by the HomeKit issue needed to be factory reset before AirPlay would work again - If you do this, please only do so to one speaker at a time (so as not to erase all your settings) and don’t add the speakers to HomeKit afterwards. More info on this thread:

However, my posting here will put your topic back on the Recently Active list - perhaps someone else will see it and assist.

I hope this helps.


There are still some issues with HomeKit but if you Airplay to a Sonos speaker registered as an accessory in the Home App and select/open the speaker you will see the controls/artwork appear and obviously you can use Siri commands to play/pause, next/previous track and adjust volume etc. there are some automation options too such as playing music when lights are turned on or a sensor is triggered etc.

I’ve attached a screenshot from my setup whilst playing a Pink Floyd track to a Sonos Move (called Portable) just so you know what to expect.

Thank you Ken.  That did the trick.  It appears to be functioning now.  I just had to play via Airplay and not through the Sonos app.