How to move a product across to a different Sonos account

  • 1 June 2021
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Hi all!

I have two Sonos speakers at home and we recently bought two speakers in the work office, which I duly set up. As I already had the Sonos app on my phone, I just linked the two office speakers to my personal account, which is fine when I’m at work (as the music usually runs off of my mac), but when I’m not in the office and someone else wants to use or download the sonos app, they would need my personal log in details.

I have a Sonos account set up for the office, but I’m not sure how I go about moving just those two products to that account and off of my own personal account?


Best answer by Ken_Griffiths 1 June 2021, 13:40

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4 replies

You can only transfer a ‘system’ (household-ownership) to another Sonos user account. To move an individual speaker (or two) to another account, I would just factory reset them and add them to the other (office) account using the mobile controller App for that account. 

Thanks Ken. Thats a great help!

Is there an easier way to switch between two sonos accounts on the mobile app? It looks like once you’re logged in to one account, its pretty much set and doesn’t easily allow you to sign into a different account?

If you have used the same Sonos App to create Sonos Systems (often called ‘Households’) on different WiFi connection/subnet, then the App will switch between the two Households automatically as you change the mobile WiFi connection, even though they may each use different accounts.

If the two Households are on the same WiFi signal/subnet, then I would suggest using dedicated controllers for each system in that situation.

I assume in your case your ‘personal’ system and ‘office’ system are on different WiFi connections and Sonos accounts, so you should be fine with the one controller device/App for yourself …and then the employees/colleagues/staff at the office can use the office account (shared) setup only on their own mobile/pc devices.

Thank you Ken