How to configure ZoneAlarm for SONOS

  • 16 September 2023
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My problem: SONOS cannot access my music library, unless I switch off ZoneAlarm

What I have:

  • 3 SONOS One
  • SONOS controller version 15.7 installed on my PC
  • My music library on a hard disk on my PC
  • The folder of my music library is shared for SONOS
  • ZoneAlarm Firewall, version

Any idea on how to configure ZoneAlarm in order to solve my problem will be welcome. Thanks.




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This might help:

Thank you ratty.

What we can find on the link you mention does not help for ZoneAlarm, unfortunately.

Did you use the Sonos controller app to configure your music library into your Sonos? It can often assist with setting the firewall rules.

Using the Sonos controller for the music library settings configures the Windows HTTP service which Sonos needs to access your files. You shouldn’t attempt to share the music library folder onto the network manually using Windows Explorer. 


If ZoneAlarm still causes problems you’ll need to note the ports that Sonos requires and manually create some rules. I would start with the ports marked “Music library” in the linked article.


Thanks. But I’m lost :-(

My SONOS can play radios, so I guess the configuration to access the web is ok.

Wha does not work is the access to a shared folder on my PC, when ZoneAlarm is switched On.

I need more guidance.

Is there no tutorial for configuring SONOS for working with ZoneAlarm ?

Am I the only one using SONOS with ZoneAlarm ?

Did you use the Sonos Windows controller app to configure your music library into your Sonos? To access files on a PC Sonos doesn’t use shared network folders. 

Yes, I used the Sonos Windows controller app to configure your music library, meaning setting the folder where my music files are.

I noticed I had to share the folder to Sonos, otherwise it does not work even when ZoneAlarm is turned Off.

Something doesn’t quite sound right. As I said, Sonos doesn’t need to use Windows shared folders to access the files; it installs a Windows background service to do so. Did you select either the ‘My Music folder’ or ‘Another folder or on a drive connected to my computer’  options to specify the folder location? 

I don’t know the way Sonos does the things in the background, but I know what I observed.

I did not use ‘My Music folder’ option. I used another folder on a drive connected to my computer to specify the folder location.

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Hi @voxov 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

I recommend you get in touch with our technical support team who have tools at their disposal that will allow them to give you advice specific to your Sonos system and what it reports - they’ll also be able to remotely connect to your computer to check your firewall options for you.

I hope this helps.