Horrendous search performance

  • 24 November 2023
  • 3 replies


I’m visiting my mom in Nashville for the holidays. I put in a sonos sound bar for her years ago. It’s wired to her router/modem. Trying to play some music, and sonos music search is terribly slow. Checked that she has latest version of the app for iPhone. Everything is up to date. Force restart. 
nothing improves what I would consider abysmal music search performance. Wifi clocks in at 475Mb/s down. 20 up, it’s not that.  

Anyone else seen this? Spotify app returns results instantly by comparison. 


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3 replies

Search is up to the individual music services, Sonos has nothing to do with it.  It is the services who write and maintain the UI in the Sonos app, Sonos just supplies the API.  I would ask why there’s a difference over at Spotify.  In the meantime, you can play to Sonos directly from the Spotify app.

I’d also be tempted to try a simple router reboot, then one of the PLAYBAR, in case there are some DNS updates not ptoperly propagated.


Did all the reboots before I came here to bitch and moan. I hear what you are saying jgatie, however the performance stinks, so something is not working well consistently, and I figured it was best to call it out. Not my first rodeo as I’ve been a customer since the early days. I know I can stream from Spotify, but that’s passing the buck on a problem that needs addressing IMHO. The fact that the search performance is different means there is something up with the API. The problem is in the Sonos app from a UX standpoint, so instead of passing the buck and pointing fingers, I’m pointing this out so that anyone interested in improving the UX can take action “collaboratively” if need be.