Help - How do i turn off alarm now?

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Hi - With the app update I can’t seem to turn off the alarm I set a couple of days ago (I won’t get into how unhappy I am that it wasn’t made clear that we’d lose this functionality). The help notes are saying to go to the web app and click on alarms from the select a music source pane - I’m on the web app but I can’t find any thing to click on. I’ve been trying for two days to figure this out…. Any help appreciated as I don’t want to wake up at 5:30am for the rest of my life.  Thank you!


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For now, before the next app update, you could control the alarm using macOS or windows app. Here are the link:

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Thanks @Zallah - i was clearly using the web app rather than the macOS one.  Appreciate your help!


What are my options if I just have an iPhone?

5:30 am for ever seems unreasonable for kit this expensive (and which worked just fine before this ‘improvement’). 

How lame is it to update functionality so that the user has to log onto a computer to shut off an alarm? Thankfully, for me, I can ask Alexa to shut off the alarm.  Sad that we need to rely on another company’s technology for our high-priced equipment to work reasonably. 

Yup. My Move2 is now in the basement, where it’ll stay until Sonos (maybe) reintroduce a way to turn on/off alarms. There are other manufacturers; time to switch. 

I don’t have a personal computer that I can do this with. Is there any other way?

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I’ll chime in. I haven’t had a desktop in years. I hope this functionality returns to the app asap. This is terrible. Meanwhile, I guess I’ll have to unplug each device when I don’t need the alarm. 😔

Why remove the alarm feature?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I was just about to unplug the speakers I finally found the Alarm Settings on the iPhone App. Gear Icon > Manage (You  don’t see its a link) and there it is, hidden away.


Thank you! Finally, I can power it up and use it again. Much appreciated. 

Alarm settings are on the app but so difficult to find. Click settings then the word “Manage” to the right of your system name then click alarms. 

ol app so much better. They’ve gone for a look over UI functionality. Not enjoying this upgrade and agree with many that it’s a retrograde step.