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  • 22 October 2021
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Hi everyone. Everything worked great. I moved and had SONOS Gen 2  etc in storage. At new place - 6 months later - I had ‘reset’ and move to S2 - rebuilding SONOS and services etc. That was no joy. 

I’m up and running except I can’t add my Apple Music service (in my name). 

It says must use Android or Apple phone. However, SONOs no longer likes my cell for some features and says upgrade the o/s (there isn’t one) when I try to add the service. I don’t have an Apple phone. When I added S2 to her’s it will only accept Apple Music in her name (she doesn’t have an account).   

So, I’m stuck. Either upgrade my phone/switch to Apple OR use a workaround to get the apple service added. 

(p.s.: not inclined to play music on the cell and pipe it in through aux.)

So, doesn’t anyone have a work around to re-add Apple Music as a service? On the windows PC it of course says use your phone. 

Thank you. 



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2 replies

It sounds like you perhaps need to simply ‘borrow’ a compatible phone off a friend for a few minutes, just to setup the service - but what phone are you using?

Thank you.

However, not for Apple anyway.

I tried that on Apple and the problem is that someone else’s Iphone doesn’t like (won’t accept) my own Apple ID for I music on their phone. It thinks, I think, that I’m sharing my I music. Maybe on android. But a big intrusion as it also needs to be done here, in the presence of the system. So, the search for solutions continues.