• 19 June 2022
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Somehow my account has been taken over by my daughter  she has a symfonisk in her bedroom. I'm trying to set up a 2nd system with just my play 1 s but have no idea how to do it any ideas please ive tried to log in as I have a sonos account  but it won't let me




Best answer by Ken_Griffiths 19 June 2022, 17:19

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To create a new Sonos system you need several things… a Sonos Speaker that has been reset to factory settings.. that can be done easily if you follow the steps in this link:

WARNING: Resetting your Sonos speakers will erase all previous settings, services and playlists etc.

You also need a mobile ‘controller’ device that meets the requirements in this link:

You need a local WiFi network that meets these requirements:

And a new/reset S2 Sonos App. Here’s a link showing how to reset the existing App:


Just reset the speaker and you will see it’s status light will flash green showing it is ready for setup. Open the new/reset Sonos App on a compatible mobile device connected to the local WiFi network and follow the onscreen instructions to create a new system and add the Factory Reset speaker(s) to the App.

Then add your music services etc. 

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Great answer by @Ken_Griffiths ! However, I’m curious to know what you mean when you say “SOMEHOW” your account has been taken over by your daughter. The only legitimate way for that to occur is through a “transfer of ownership” via the Sonos App. On the other hand was your statement just a figure of speech?