Ghost tracks in Music

  • 15 April 2024
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This appeared two years ago as Deleting ghosts from my Sonos Music Library but the answer doesn’t work for me.

I use my iTunes music library as the source for the Sonos music library.  I regulary update the Sonos music library when the iTunes library changes.  ITunes imported an unrecognizable album and named the tracks: Track 01, Track 02, etc.  I used the iTunes Find Info to change the album name.  Everything went into Sonos including the ‘Track 01’ ‘Track 02’ song titles.  I then went into iTunes and used Find Info to manually enter the real Track names.  I used iTunes to delete the Track 01, Track 02 files and confirmed they were not in the iTunes Music folder.  Everything looks correct in iTunes AND the iTunes music folder.  I then reupdated the Sonos music library.  Now, for each song I have two selections: The track name I entered (correct) and the original Track 01 . . .  I can’t see how to remove the Track 01 . . . from the Sonos Library.  These don’t exist in the iTunes library or iTunes.  If I click on either the ‘Track 01’ or the correct Track Name from the Sonos ap, it plays the same track.  How do I get rid of these ghost track names (Track 01, Track 02, . . .)?  Ideas?  Answers?


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I don’t use/know ITunes but could the ghost tracks be in a deleted items folder?

Great suggestion.  There were tracks in the recycle bin.  Deleting them exorcised the ghosts.  The SONOS app is not intuitive.  Frustrating at times.