Getting Patreon on Sonos App

  • 21 November 2023
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I purchased a Sonos Move so I could listen to podcasts that are on the Patreon app, but the Sonos app does not offer Patreon as an option. Am I out of luck? If so, I’m going to return this item. 


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5 replies

You may be….or may not be. I’ve not seen the Patreon app, but are those podcasts only played within the Patreon app itself, or do you play them using some other app?

What device do you have your Sonos controller on?

What Sonos speakers do you own?


I have a Sonos Move. I was trying to find a wireless speaker that would pair with my phone (an Android) to play the Patreon podcasts, just like I can do in my car. Not sure if that answers your questions. I’m not all that technically savvy.


No, that’s fine,  nothing to be sorry about. 

Google has closed the ability to play content directly from an Android device recently, but you should be able to connect to your Move using a Bluetooth, and play the content on whatever player you’re using on the Android and hear it on the Sonos.

This worked. I really appreciate your assistance with it. I am absolutely thrilled. Guess I should put in an emoticon here to show excitement...LOL. 😊

Glad to hear (no pun intended) it. There’s a lot of various ways to use Sonos, it’s often just trying to figure out how.