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  • 19 May 2022
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Having this issue for 6mo now and didn't have before. Spoke with gaana many times but not sure where the problem is. Have seen similar questions in forum but none have valid response. I have gaana premium account authorized in sonos app. For many albums, it says not found or not available to play outside India. Attached screenshot below. But it plays fine directly using the gaana app. Somewhere with Sonos integration its failing. This needs to be fixed ASAP and not repeat as there are similar questions in your community for more than a year. Thank you.


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5 replies

Have you tried completely removing the Gaana service from the Sonos App and also removing the Gaana ‘native’ App from the mobile device aswell and ..then re-adding both back to your mobile, make sure you sign into your premium account on the Gaana native App to start with.

Note that the mobile device you use should meet the system requirements mentioned in this support link too:

I also wonder if you’re using a VPN that is setting your location to outside of India for other purposes. It’s entirely possible that Gaana is doing some sort of geo-fencing.

At the very least, I’d double check that your location is set properly in the Sonos account at But in general, that is used to filter what is shown to you as available streaming services….I’m not sure it’s ever looked at once you’ve added the service, so may be a false lead here. 

Thanks for the replies. I did uninstall and reinstall native gaana few times and reauthorized in sonos quite a few times. Issue does not happen with every album but only with certain recent albums. My location in Sonos shows USA. This was never an issue until 6mo ago. I believe Sonos and gaana need to work on this together. 


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Is the location Sonos thinks you're in your actual location? If so, the notification you are getting moght be right. Strange though, that the Gaana app would be less strict on the location you are playing you music.

According to this Sonos support link (below) the Gaana service should be available worldwide, so I don’t think the country setting would be an issue, but maybe some artists choose to not release their work in some countries/regions for whatever reason, or perhaps (more likely) the streaming audio is in a format that Sonos cannot handle 48/192 for example … If the service is working for some albums, then I suspect this is for Ganna themselves to fix.