Freegal Music service for Sonos. Get your library card, and get all of this content.

  • 26 August 2023
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Freegal Music streams your local public library content:

  • “Offering over 18 million songs belonging to 200+ genres— including Sony Music’s catalog of legendary artists— Freegal Music+ is one of the most popular library services in the world, and with 200,000 songs added monthly, ...”

So why is there no Sonos service for this wealth of content .. that you’ve already paid for through taxes?

I guess it’s just ‘cause people don’t realize how much content is sitting right there waiting for them to get a library card and stream.

Anyone have a way to add freegal music streaming as a sonos service?

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2 replies

Exactly in the same way as I responded to your previous thread. 


Same, Bruce - as in my Hoopla thread:

Thanks for that reference to the Sonos partners page. I’ll take your advice.

Fair point about the post - I’d tone it down, but don’t find an “Edit” option. I didn’t intend an ad, since I’m just a user, and it’s all already paid for with our taxes … so no angles at play. But I see your point - my bad.

I just wanna stream music through my speakers, and know that clever people like the NPR One guy find a way. Perhaps someone’s done that for popular library content like hoopla and freegal, as well.

In case others are also interested, I’ve tried Stream What You Hear … which kinda works, but cuts out too much to really be listenable.

I’ll suggest that they both partner with Sonos to deliver the service.