Ever since I downloaded the app that was made available in May of 24....

  • 12 June 2024
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Long time SONOS user that has reached the breaking point.  Ever since I downloaded the May release my SONOS system has been garbage.  Very frustrated.  I cannot figure out how to play music from a folder that is on my NAS.  This always worked before and was the reason that I started with SONOS in the first place.  Also, the latest issue is that I log into SONOS app on my Android phone and I get a message that says Software Update is required.  I click on ‘Start Update’  and the phone says that it is checking for updates and then says ‘Your SONOS system is up to date’.  I click on Done and I am back to the ‘Software update’ and I go through this loop over and over and there doesn’t appear to be aby way out of it.  I did hit ‘Submit Diagnostics, and the case number is ********** if that helps.  I am completely lost at this point.

Moderator edit: Diagnostics number recorded and removed

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Try force closing the Android Controller and wait a few minutes before restarting. Next, if necessary, reset the controller. In any case the desktop controller can still access the NAS library. Do not Factory Reset anything without further consult.

The desktop controllers will work as they always have. The updated Pad/Phone controllers are still a work in progress. If you give us more detail with respect to your SONOS system components, Phone/Pad, and network, we may be able to provide additional help.