Encoding error when playing songs

  • 27 January 2022
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When I play songs on Amazon Music Unlimited I get the following encoding error messages (below):



I assume it is to do with my Internet connection even though I have a fibre optic connection rated at 150 Mbps.


The only way I can get the songs to play without errors is to connect to my smartphone with my Sky Q digibox via Bluetooth.

Has anyone got any idea of what is going on?



My system consists of a Sonos Arc soundbar and a Sonus Sub (Gen 3)


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3 replies

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I am under the impression that it makes no difference whether I listen to music through Sky Q via Bluetooth or using Amazon Music via the Sonos app itself.

This is because from within the app I can adjust the equaliser settings and even turn the sub off (if I want to) and I know that the sub is working as I can hear it not to mention being able to see the speaker baffles move!


Is this right?


Hi.  No, it is very different as soon as Bluetooth is involved.  But the real question is why are you getting the error playing through the Sonos app?  The error is basically saying ‘you are sending me scrambled data’.  It is unlikely to be to do with your internet connection, but will probably be caused by wireless interference or IP address conflicts on your LAN.

The first thing to do is power off your router and Sonos speakers then power the router fully back up followed by the speakers.

Do you have any extenders, access points, mesh satellites on your network?

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@John B - thanks for replying.

In answer to your questions no I don't have any extenders, access points or mesh satellites on my network apart from Sky!


I have since contacted Sonos customer support and they suggested removing my Amazon Music account and then reauthorizing it again and I am glad to say that I have played 5 or 6 songs with no errors so it seems to be sorted now.


I don't understand why it played up in the first place, it must be a gremlin in the system!