Downloaded S1 app to new device but none of my subscriptions are showing up, nor are they listesd to add?

  • 30 October 2021
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I have a  number of devices ( computers, tablets etc .) I usually run my Sonos 1 via my android phone.  For the most part works ok, although recently dropped apple music as an option to select - not even in the list?  I also have a Chomebook 311 . I installed the sonos 1 app ( orange *one) onto Chomebook . 

My Account shows up but does not include any of my subscriptions and there is no way to bet past the EULA ro actually use the app.  My accounts / subscriptions are: Apple music,* Pandora, Youtube, Amazon music , * Tunein,  The* I pay for - I should get you the Youtube free as a deal with Chomebook? 

It says I have to run Chrome in developer mode?  Thought that was for unix or linux ?  


I just want to be able to run my soearker from the chromebook.  The speaker doesn’t show up in bluetooth or nearby devices - chome doesn’t have airplay so can’t send to speakers. wired or unwired. 

p it does not show up on network 

Why when I set up and the device was connected- found - why didn’t my subscription info import as part of my account?  

Total pain in the neck,

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1 reply

First, Sonos doesn’t support running the controller on the Chrome OS, as indicated on the Sonos app requirement FAQ.  This would have a significant impact on most of the issues you’re reporting.

If the controller isn’t showing all options on your other devices, could you be more specific about what services, and what other devices you’re running the controller on? There’s a variety of potentials that are hard to determine without more information, from relatively common wifi interference , to improper set up of your Sonos account region,  to the current issue with Android not being able to add an Apple Music subscription. Without more detail, it’s hard to tell.