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  • 6 December 2022
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We are a few at home and sometimes we like to listen individually to our own music from our Deezer accounts. I find that I have to change account too often and sometimes forget to do so which means that sometimes a member of my family uses Deezer from my account and ads favorites or listens to flow but has nothing to do with the flow that each family member uses. Is there a way that I can associate one speaker with one deezer account? Without losing the ability to change accounts if needed? For instance I'd like a specific Sonos Roam speaker, that often one of my family members use, to have his Deezer account on that one. It would also be nice if I can say, Sonos, play this from that Deezer I don't have to change account manually from the app. I hope I made myself clear about what I mean. Thank you


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Hi @BCX 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

There is currently no way to have particular music accounts on particular speakers - all accounts will be available on all speakers. 

There are some music services who’s app can play directly to Sonos, which would be a way of achieving what you want - each user would have their music service app linked to their own accounts, and can browse their preferred music and play on their preferred speaker via that app. Deezer is not currently one of these, however. There’s a list of supporting services on our Stream audio to Sonos from another app help page.

If you have Apple devices and AirPlay-compatible Sonos speakers, that’s another way to achieve similar results with any app that outputs audio, including the Deezer app. See Stream AirPlay audio to Sonos. This would lower the quality of high definition music tracks, however.

I suppose you could set up different voice assistants on different speakers, each one with a different Deezer account marked as the default to be used. As there are only 3 different voice assistants, you would be limited to 3 Deezer accounts. Sonos Voice Control and Alexa will run side-by-side on the same speaker, but Google Assistant requires that it is the only assistant on a device. I think that would work in the way you intend, and at any point you could use the Sonos app to play any account on any speaker.

I hope this helps.

Thank you very much for your response. I will have a look at the available options you mention. Kind regards

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Hi @BCX 

One option I forgot (it has little to do with Sonos, really) is Google Assistant Voice Match. A feature by which GA will recognise the voice of the person giving commands, and act accordingly - even if it’s to use a different music account. Each person’s GA account must be linked to the same Google “family” (it might be other nomenclature).

Hi, I have exactly the same requirement. I used to have one different Google account on each Sonos One, one per child. But Amazon Alexa is so much quicker to control our home (through Domovea), that I switched to Alexa, and Sonos assistant.

Launching music goes with the Deezer account active in Sonos app. 

I would to select a default Deezer account for each different speaker.

Please Sonos, consider this feature so useful for large user (8 different zones already in my home, and still counting!) 

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Hi @Damotico 

If you would like such a feature, I can only suggest creating a new topic and asking for it. Please be aware, however, that if we think a new feature is likely to introduce more problems than it solves, we won’t introduce it. I have a feeling this might be one of them, but it’s not me who gets to decide, so feel free to make the request.