Crossfade not working on desktop app. Spotify playlist

  • 6 February 2024
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Hello -

“Desperate, panic.”  Spotify cross fade will work on Sonos if you play through Airplay.  Personally I find Airplay to be maddening.  So now I have 6 speakers, a dance party coming up...The Spotify interface is more dynamic to manage, but Spotify crossfade does not work if you play thru Sonos controllers.  The Sonos crossfade is not really working, it goes in and out.  

What exactly does it mean this mean? “If Spotify tracks are included in a SONOS Playlist, crossfade is successful.”


I’ve built all my playlists in Spotify, playing them from Sonos - should that mean the crossfade will work?

Frustrated, after years of getting this Sonos house of speakers set up, I can’t seem to have a dance mix with crossfade?

Help help


So much technology, so much limitation.  Any wisdoms?


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1 reply

As far as I’m aware the option to crossfade tracks from the Spotify music service is disabled/doesn’t work well in the Sonos app with that service. Crossfade also disables in the Spotify App when using ‘direct control’ too, but ‘Airplaying’ the audio to Sonos allows crossfade, so just go with that, but keep the playing mobile device reasonably static during the party and not too far away from the Sonos group-coordinator and your WiFi network… That seems like the best option for now.