Controller update fails on macOS Ventura 13.0

  • 26 October 2022
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I just updated to macOS Ventura 13.0.  The next day the Sonos Controller said I had an update.  Pressing the “Update Now” button started the update process normally.

After asking for my Admin credentials, I get an error saying “Sonos Update failed.  An unexpected error occurred.  Please try again.”


Is anyone else seeing this?




Sonos Controller for Mac

Version: 14.14

Sonos: OS S2

Build: 69123100


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28 replies

Thank you (all) for this.  I truly appreciate this.  I’m not a tech guru, but I was able to get Sonos back up  and running for my wife’s MacBook Air and my Macbook Pro.


I haven’t done a lot of study on it yet, but thought I”d ask: is there a similar process for iOS, as I have the same issues on my ipad and iphone.



You can, if you so choose, delete and reinstall, the effect would be the same. However, Apple hasn’t changed the way iOS updates apps, so just running the update from the Apple Store works as it always has, properly. No need to delete, unless you want to, or feel the need. 

I thank “Wintegrations” for that answer.  I am using Sonos S1 Controller on Ventura.  I went to Applications, found ‘Sonos S1’.  I right clicked and chose ‘Package Contents’.  It displayed a folder called Contents.  I opened that folder and saw another folder called MacOS.  In that folder I found ‘Sonos S1 Installer’. I dragged that file/app to the App Management within Privacy and Security.  I relaunched the Sonos Controller and updated Sonos like normal with no errors.

Thanks again!