Connection to Spotify was lost

Hi, I’ve looked through many topics, rebooted, reauthorised, entered my account details again,  and still Spotify won’t connect. Please help!


diagnostic number 1384717218.

Thank you


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Hi @cmcintosh, thank you for the update and @David49 thank you for reaching out. sorry for the late response.


@cmcintosh, I’m glad it’s working; it could be a  temporary outage or the network can’t connect to the Spotify server.

This is why I asked you to test the service with the Spotify app.

In any case, if you have other concerns, feel free to reach out.


@David49, music services disappearing is a sign of the Sonos system having network issues.

Check if the Napster app is working while the Napster in the Sonos app isn’t.

If it’s working, take a diagnostic in the Sonos app. Setting > Help & Tips > Submit diagnostic and reply with the confirmation.

We would need to check the Sonos system; if this is the case. 

Update us with your findings.

Thanks Kyle, I think my problem may have been in the network. The Play 3 was connected to the 5Ghz router network via my iMac which had an outdated Sonos controller. When I started and updated the controller it was only linked to the Play 3. I selected the 2Ghz network on the iMac and all 3 speakers appeared and Napster service now remains on the iPhone. Thank you for your help. 

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Hi @David49, thank you for the update.

I’m glad that it’s working and yes, Sonos can only connect to the 2.4 GHz band from the router with issues connecting to 5 GHz.

If you have other concerns, feel free to reach out. 

The community is here to help.


Remind me why I spent £4K on a petulant child, the child is called Sonos, my original children CD Hifi and Yamaha sound bar just played and didn’t have random hissy fits, is this now because I won’t go to S2 that my S1 system is why my kit is bunking? 

funny my 20 year old arcam amplifiers aren’t as flakey as your kit 

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Hi @Sonos Spectator, thanks for reaching out to the Sonos Community and let me help you with this. First, I need you to know that using S1 or S2 should not cause you any trouble. Can you please submit a diagnostic and reply to us with the confirmation number to further check on this for you? Just let us know. We and the community are always here to help.

I got the same issue now and only with Spotify. Other services work fine. Submitted diagnostics (929590551). 

Doesn’t work from either Sonos or Spotify app to Sonos. Spotify alone works fine. 

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Hi @NackasBV, welcome to the Sonos Community! I appreciate you reaching out here and the diagnostic. Let me help you by first suggesting to try on a different controller like another phone/computer if possible. Remove/re-add the Spotify service in the Sonos app, reboot your phone, also try to play to one speaker only. If none will work, change your Sonos system’s wireless channel from channel 6 to 11/1 and then check. 

Let us know how it goes. We and the community are always here to help.

Thanks it seemed to be a self healer. Will try your suggestions if I see it again. 

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Hi, @NackasBV! Yes, just keep us posted. We and the community are always here to help.

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Our system very frequently has the connection to Spotify was lost error. It drives us nuts. I ran diagnostic 622566166. If you can help us resolve it we would be very grateful. 

Today suddenly my sonos speakers lost the connection to spotify of some reason, and I am not able to solve the problem. After reinstalling (also clean installs) sonos and spotify apps on my windows laptop and on my pixel phone I am still not able to play from spotify. It plays on my phone or computer, but doesn’t connect to any of my sonos speakers. Sometimes the devices appear in the spotify app on my laptop and always on my phone. But still they doesn’t connect. I don’t know if it is due to spotify or sonos but I seek a solution. So far I couldn’t find any.

Experiencing the same issues since 4 weeks. Tried everything from reset, reinstall, different device, nothing solves it. The strange thing is however that randomly it does seem to work every now and then but never for more than a couplet of songs.

With all te comments i'm reading this hardly seems to be a local issue, given the examples and cases shared by others

I’ve got the same problem. I have two play 3 speakers. They updated recently through the s2 app and now I can’t  play any Spotify.  I can’t stream Spotify from the s2 app or the Spotify app.   I’m hoping there will be a fix soon. 

@Petros_ Unplug your Sonos speakers from power, then restart your router. When the router has fully restarted, power up Sonos. Restart your controller (phone/tablet/pc etc).

If you use IPhone ensure you have given Sonos access to “local network” in privacy settings.

Been the same with me for months - every other track from Spotify doesn’t play.  Spotify works fine outside of Sonos and all other services like Amazon Music work with Sonos.  My kit is  ZP5 and 2 amps, one Play1 (new which you paid for when you bricked my my CR100 controllers) and is a few years old but please don’t Apple me (i.e deliberately break good kit) - Your kit was the Dogs Bolloxs once. Here’s my Diag ref  957425658 for what it’s worth.

I lost connection with Spotify for weeks after the latest update and spoke with the helpdesk who were ultimately unable to resolve the issue.

So I resolved the issue by changing my WIFI router to 2.4ghz which is what Sonos works on,( helpdesk advised).

A check on the Sonos app in settings for the WIFI channel revealed it was on number 6..My router was on Channel 1

A manual change of the router to Channel 6 to match the Sonos and BINGO it's now working

Go to the app- settings-system-network-sonosenet channel( may be greyed out)

Check your WIFI router is 2.4ghz and the channel is matching that of the Sonos in the settings and it will hopefully work for you




Having the same problem. I can't find any information on how to fix it.

Please se the diag ref. 811764905

Best regards



i did what you suggested, it worked for a day and then stopped working. What’s funny is that they’ve been working perfectly for years with my current router etc but as soon as I updated the speakers it all has gone bad. I now have two bricks thanks Sonos. 

That could indicate that your Sonos speakers are exposed to wireless interference. First check this link and apply the proposed changes:

Then, if another restart of your system helps again, it might indicate duplicate IP addresses handed out by your router. Assigning fixed IP addresses for Sonos devices in the routers DHCP table could prevent that from happening again.

If the above does not help, submit a diagnostic and call Sonos Support to look into it.

This has nothing to do with wireless interference. They work perfectly fine if I stream a radio station from tuneIn but don’t work when using Spotify premium. When I press play I get an initial low hiss then it stops and says the stream can’t be played. 

I’m not convinced of your assumption. Different streaming services have differing tolerances for interference, where one will play without issue, another will stutter and stop. It’s certainly worth taking a look at the possibility. 

But ClausN does suggest submitting a diagnostic, as well, since his conclusions (and mine, in concurrence) are merely based on anecdotal discussions, and the knowledge we have of common issues in Sonos use. Surely hard data provided to, and analyzed by, Sonos would be much more useful than assumptions provided by users who have mere experience. 

I have at least fund a solution for my problem, or more a workaround.

It seems that Sonos doesn't work well on a mesh network, where there are a 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz network. If one off my speakers are on the 5 GHz and the rest of the speakers are on the 2.4 GHz, then Spotify stop working.

My workaround.

I divide my network in two differences SSID, one network for Sonos and others devices, that only can function with 2.4 GHz, and one network for 5 GHz.

Now everything works, including Spotify.

Hope it helps.




If you have two Wifi networks configured in your router like I have where I usually use the 5GHz based network on all my devices then you will not be able to use connect with Spotify connect to your sonos speakers as they are on 2.4GHz networks.

I am not sure why this is since the router does in deed route network traffic between the two Wifi networks usually, but in this case there is a problem.

I have not tested with another router so far so it might be related to this specific router that came with my cable tv/ broadband subscription.

The brand is Compal model CH7486e

If I restart the router then it will work with Spotify connect for a while and then stop working. But now when I stay on the same 2.4GHz network with the device running Spotify app it does work. I tried so far from my Samsung S20+ and two Macbook Pro computers.



“Lost connection to Spotify” happens to me every now and then. Recently quite often. Other services normally work well, although there has been one or two issues with Apple Music “could not add to queue”.

Just moments ago, I had the Spotify issue. Diagnostics: 1501629081.

I am running SonosNet. 

ISP → cable modem → switch → Boost

Please help!




My Sonos setup looses connection to Spotify constantly, although the music never stops. So it really wouldn’t bother me except the sonos windows app pops up to tell me it lost a connection (stealing my mouse and keyboard inputs, which is really annoying). Any feedback would be appreciated

Diagnostic: 2124696726