Connection to Spotify was lost

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Same problem for me. Have used Spotify daily for years. Now connection lost every time.  Has to be a problem in the App.  I’ve rebooted everything. 

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Could also be on Spotify's side. I attempted to run the Spotify app on my TV with the plan of just using my TV as my Beam's source. However, I couldn't pair Spotify running on my phone with Spotify running on my TV either!

My problems started yesterday. Other music services work. I have even tried my wife’s account and re-authorized. The Spotify desktop client works by itself so it must be an issue with SONOS-SPOTIFY integration, no?

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Agreed, and same here. I'm just saying I'm having other issues with only Spotify, and that the issue could be on either side of the Sonos-Spotify interface. It's almost certainly Sonos that will have to change something, I'm just brainstorming instead of happily listening to music :P.

same problem here, started within last day or so

Same Problem, since last 24 hours or so

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Good to hear I’m not alone… I’m also having the same problem with Spotify in that I keep getting the error


Unable to play “Some song.” The connection to spotify was lost.

Thought it was me, but "unable to connect to Spotify" message came up late night and I've been as unsuccessful as everyone else. Deleted and re-added account tone avail. All other services are fine. When and how will we learn that Sonos has corrected what appears to be a system wide problem?

We are also having an issue connecting Spotify to Sonos. That is the only music source not working. 

I’m having the same issues as everyone else.  Spotify works fine when playing from my phone, but getting the same “unable to connect to Spotify” error message when trying to start Spotify music from the Sonos app.  Issue started happening last night.

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Twitter reported a Spotify issue late yesterday. Tweet them your grievances to @SpotifyCares.

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Same here.  Been having this issue since last night. I also tried connecting through the Spotify app and that isn’t working either. Every other music service is working fine, but of course Spotify is the one I use most, by far.  Please fix ASAP!

I started losing Spotify connection almost a month ago, but sporatically.  Some days it’ll work fine, others it won’t connect.  The only issue has been with Spotify as I am able to listen to iHeartRadio, Pandora, etc. without issue.   Sometimes if I click on it often enough, it feels like it’ll work, but other days it won’t, so I think it’s all in my mind.  I’ve used Spotify with Sonos for over five years now in two homes, and never had an issue till now.


Issue stared yesterday 5/6/20 and has not been resolved

Ugh. Count me in on this too. This happened in the last 12-14 hrs, all the sudden neither spotify nor Apple music could connect. Tried from an android and ios app. 


Could get Amazon music to work though. 

Same issue here too.. I can play Spotify using the app on my Mac, iPad, and iPhone, but when I try to play any Spotify Playlist on SONOS, each song fails, and then after a while, I get the connection lust, unable to play messages.  SONOS can play any other source without problem.

Oddly enough, after several attempts to pay song after song, it finally played one song, and then when it went to next song, it stopped again, and each song fails again.

Unplugged router, modem, and Sonos products for 15 min, reconnected, but still not working.

I even removed Spotify service from Sonos and re-added, still not working.

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Yes @BlairJaedenScott , I’ve got connection lust right now too!! :laughing:

Also reporting same problem in the hopes that somebody from Sonos is seeing all our challenges with Spotify connection. I can play a song from a song list, then it stops. Then it won’t connect for several attempts, then I may get a song. Like others, other services work but my workhorse is Spotify. Please fix!!

Glad to know that I am not alone!  The strange thing is that neither the Sonos nor the Spotify apps have updated on any of our smart phones.  I have tried everything as well, reboot of all Sonos devices, bounce of my router and modem, reboot of all phones.  Nothing works today and everything worked fine yesterday.

Same here. Lost the connection to Spotify last night (5/6/20). Updated and rebooted everything, but nothing works. 

Yes @BlairJaedenScott , I’ve got connection lust right now too!! :laughing:

@kiphat ...only one song? or is it back to normal for you??? mine is not working again.

I’m having the same issue as others with connection being lost and then it tries to play every song with connection being lost each time. Tried all the various resets and reloads.  Other services like TuneIn work on Sonos but not Spotify.  I did update my Spotify app on my iPhone yesterday but that’s the only thing that has changed.  


Same here. I noticed Spotify connection was lost around 5pm Pacific time last night. Still not working this morning. Unplugged router, modem, and Sonos products for 15 min, reconnected, and still not working. Removed Spotify service from Sonos and re-added, still not working.

I seem to recall a similar issue around Thanksgiving 2019 and it was a problem on Sonos’ end that they resolved. Hoping it’s the same here.

The Spotify connection works just fine through the Spotify app (outside Sonos).

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Same here, connection went down last night some time.  I’ve tried all the recommended fixes (re-install spotify app, remove and re-add service, rebooted router, cleared queue on spotify etc) and nothing worked.

Not clear to me if the problem is on the Sonos side or the Spotify side?

Are folks at Sonos picking up on this thread?  Would be nice to get confirmation that they are seeing the messages...

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So it turns out they know about the spotify problem: