Connection to Spotify Lost - Happens Every Day

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For the past week, for some portion of the day, my Spotify stops working and I get “unable to play, connection to Spotify lost.”  Some random time later in the day (or the next morning), it works again until it doesn’t.  We’ve also experienced Spotify skipping songs randomly. Never happened previously.

Issue is when using the sonos app.  I can get Spotify to play to a single speaker using the Spotify app. 


Other services are working fine, so it makes me think it’s not a connectivity issue. 

Litany of products. Diagnostic number 2039938.

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Hi @hareball,


We’ve observed some minor issues with Spotify last weekend that could have caused some playback issues for some users. How is your system performing now? Do you experience any issues using other music services such as Sonos Radio or Amazon Music?

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Happened on Saturday. Wasn’t home as much yesterday so can’t say for certain, but I did notice a few skipped songs in the time that i was listening.

Other services seem to work fine - no connection issues to Prime music, Bandcamp, Sonos Radio, etc.