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  • 26 February 2020
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Lately whenever I try to play songs, stations or anything from either the iPhone app or Mac app, from either Google Music or Amazon music, I receive an error messages. Either,

  1. “Unable to play [music] - connection to Amazon Music/Google Play Music was lost”
  2. Can’t add songs to my cue
  3. Amazon song was not encoded correctly

My wifi connection is strong, so it’s not a home network issue.

Please help.


Diagnostics number is 2075267838

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38 replies


The Kitchen unit is the farthest from the wifi. The Living Room unit is in the same room as the Eero Gateway, and the Office unit is in the same room as the Beacon. Neither have obstructions. 

If the answer is that I need to update, and the problem is that I cannot update, then what can I do to fix this?

Try temporarily moving the errant speaker closer to your router, and connect it with an Ethernet cable? Once it’s updated, you can then remove the Ethernet cable, and move it back?


I connected the Kitchen unit to the router via Ethernet and still received an error code 30.

Diagnostics number: 568029462

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Hello @ngin We’re back at square one. 

With update error 30 still in play we will need to keep the Kitchen player temporarily wired, all other Sonos products powered off (unplug both Office and Living Room)

Fully reboot both the Modem and the Eero 

and then with only Kitchen powered on and wired directly to the network start the update process one more time.

If possible, try this update from a different Sonos controller (a different phone tablet or computer)

Please let us know the results, I’m not seeing the “bad ethernet cable” flag in this recent diagnostic so keep it wired as is until the update gets completed.   


I followed your steps. Update still failed with error 30. 
Diagnostics: 1150389559

And I was mistaken about the age of the Living Room and Office units. They are only 4 or so years old. 

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Hello @ngin,

Can  you take a look at your eero app and verify that eero isn’t pausing Sonos devices?

It seems that eero is still somehow blocking our connection to the update server, it’s possible that eero is doing this on it’s own.

Learn about un-pausing here:  


I don’t believe that’s the issue. There was no pause, according to the help article.

I plugged in the Office unit (along with the Kitchen) and tried to play in the Office. The music didn’t even start to play. The error code said the “connection to Google Play Music was lost.”

Diagnostics: 333847510

Very very very frustrated.

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Hello @ngin,

The music playback error is related to the software update error that you are receiving. 

Both of these errors are directly related to your Eero and how it is allowing communication between your Sonos speakers and the music service servers and our update servers.

Eero routers have been know to decide to “pause” or otherwise block communications between our products and the servers on the internet that we need in order to function. I have done everything I can from where I am sitting to help resolve this issue. At this point I would recommend that you reach out to Eero Support directly or to reach out to us by phone to solve this. 

I really do understand your frustration with this situation and hope that Eero will be able to offer you more insight here.  


Hello. Again. As per Eero:

From what Sonos mentioned, it seems that they have seen there are some communications block on there devices, maybe they need to have some port to be open on the network, and this can be easily done from the eero app. If this is the case we only need to know which ports to open and set them on the network.

Is this a possible solution? Can you provide any information/guidance? 



Hi there. I called Eero and we spent a lot of time trying to connect the Sonos units to the network. I then used another wifi router and now Sonos won’t even play without running the update, but can’t run the updated because of Error 30


Diagnostics # 1342021923


Please see the summary email that Eero sent me to pass on to you to help fix the problem.


Marshall Barlow (eero Customer Support)

Apr 27, 11:55 AM CDT

Hi Natali,

Thank you for contacting eero support.

Following up on our recent conversation.

We tried resetting the sonos and setting up on multiple networks, those being the eero network, eero guest network, and the cisco router e2000, and the issue persists where the sonos devices won't update.

Originally one was able to play music but after the reset they seem to be unable to function until they update.

With the issue happening on multiple different networks we would like to have sonos support assist with this issue.

Please keep me updated and I will respond asap.

Best regards,

Marshall | eero Support

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Hello, @ngin.

It looks like they currently have you set up on a different router for now but were otherwise not helpful in this matter.

Can you try the Error 30 resolution steps with with this new set up?

  1. Unplug all but one player from power
  2. Plug that one player directly into the router
  3. Attempt to update/register your single Sonos speaker while all others are not powered on.

Meanwhile, I will be reaching out to you through direct message with additional information about how we can work with you to resolve this situation.  


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This happens to me ALL the time. Inconsistent. But seems to be guaranteed when I have a party. When is Sonos going to fix this?Makes me want to sell it all!

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Hi @robertburkejr, thank you for reaching us back to the Sonos Community. I appreciate for describing the issue and for letting us know about it.

If you're experiencing a recurring issue with your Sonos speakers, it would be best for you to continue working with us over the phone to expedite the process. 

Our phone support team is closed on weekends. I strongly recommend contacting our Sonos Customer Care support team on Monday to further assist you on this by remotely connecting to your device to check what's going on and to provide the best option for you.

If you need help with any other information, please be sure to let us know.

The Sonos Community is always here to help.