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  • 24 June 2024
  • 6 replies

I have a Sonos setup with two Play3 and three Play1 and also one Roam. When my wife has started a playlist and I connect through the app, I can't see what's playing.

No music. The queue is empty.

So I can't stop the music or change it.

We have Sonos on two floors and our WiFi consist of an Orbi router and two satellites. The Orbi app shows excellent connection and upload/download is also good.

So why isn't it working for me? And everything started after the latest update...

6 replies

Are you looking at the correct room?  At the bottom of the app is the current room.  Swipe up on that room to bring up the rooms selection screen.  Tap on the room you wish to see as the current room, that will now be the room at the bottom.  Tap again to bring that room to the Now Playing screen. 

Yes, I look at the correct room (group of Sonos speakers).

I have named all my Sonos speakers with specific names and have three in my kitchen area.

These three plus the Roam are grouped together, playing the same playlist. When checking the group, the app (Now Playing screen) says:

"No music. The queue is empty."

The other rooms states the same, but that is correct. No music has been started in these rooms.

I have the same problem. Even if I start the music playing, when I go back to the app to either pause or change the music, the app says I'm not playing anything. Therfore I have to unplug the speaker .

Well done sonos, on making a great system useless.

Thanks for confirming my problems.

Everything started when I installed/updated the new app. It was working great before that, even my NAS disc was present in the system setup and i could listen to my CD collection.

But now…

Sometimes I don't even bother to start up the Sonos system. It just gets me frustrated!!! 😤😤😤

My speakers are slow to respond when you turn volume up or down. I've just been onto sonos and there answer was unplug your router for 20 seconds and restart it, because as we know that solves everything. He asked if there was anything else he could do to help, so I said bring back the old app.