• 28 December 2019
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I Have been able, until very recently. been able to connect to classicfm on Tunin (

When I now try and connect I get an error message  “unable to play classicfm - the song is not encoded correctly” 

Is there a change I can make to the settng to deal with this or is the problem that the station is now using an unsupported transmission format

Any help would be appreciated


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3 replies

Several suggestions, without actually looking on my side.

First, if you’re playing from a “Favorite”, rather than looking in the TuneIn section, try deleting the “Favorite” and adding it again. Sometimes the station updates its streaming location, and that doesn’t seem to always be carried through to the Favorite.

Second, if that doesn’t work, go to the TuneIn website and see if it works from there. There are quite a few stations (groups) that have moved themselves off of the TuneIn service, to any of several other services, such as iHeart Radio,, etc. It’s possible that this station moved as well.

Third, its actually possible that the station is currently down. Checking on TuneIn is a great way of (mostly) confirming that, although not definitive. I believe there are stations that have special servers for just TuneIn from Sonos, vs TuneIn’s app or website.

Finally, a simple reboot of both your router first, followed by your speakers (by unplugging them, waiting a minute, then plugging them back in) might also be of assistance.

Geeat answer from Bruce.

Have you tried other stations? The 'not encoded correctly' error often indicates a corrupted stream rather than one in an unplayable format.

Experienced the same issue. No more ClassicFM with Sonos...

Seems to be no longer available via TuneIn Service but via GlobalPlayer. When switching to GlobalPlayer everything worked again.

Hope this helps.