clarification on recent NAS library issues?

  • 16 May 2024
  • 1 reply

yesterday coinciding with alerts to upgrade to 80 apps, my Sonos system will not connect to my NAS library.   “access to//RT-N66R/iTunes denied”

library is hanging off an Asus router USB/SAMBA using SMBv1, which some threads are saying is now not supported.

before I go out and buy a new damn router to fix this, can Sonos clarify that this DID recently/suddenly change (with no warning)?


1 reply

After verifying that SMBv1 is now unsupported, I upgraded my router/NAS. 
My music library is now back. It acts strangely, and I’ll fool with it more, but there is hope. 

would have been nice to have been warned about this major depreciation…