Change to iOS Group Selection?

  • 29 November 2022
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You used to be able to select multiple groups of speakers - for example, Upstairs and Downstairs, to play to all of the speakers in those groups. Now, it doesn't seem to allow for multi-select; you can only pick one.

Is anyone else seeing this behavior with the iOS Sonos app? Trying to pin down if it's a bug with my system or a change to the app's behavior.

I created a new group as a workaround, but that's not nearly as flexible as the old system.

6 replies

Nothing has changed. I am not really sure what you are trying to do that you cannot do??

Thank you for replying, happy to clarify. 

In the iOS app, when you want to make something play in groups you’re presented with this screen:

iOS Select Group Dialog


The behavior in the app used to be that you could select “Downstairs” and “Upstairs” all in one go (just an example from my setup) and it would add all of the speakers that were in those groups. The new behavior seems to be that you only select one group:

Demonstration of changed selection behavior


You could work around it by created a new group that has the combined speakers from the two groups, but it’s a definitely a blow to the flexibility of groups. 

Thanks for clarification.  I tested this on my Android app and found the behaviour to still be what you describe as the previous behaviour.

So tried my wife's iPad, and the behaviour was different, and consistent with your description of the changed behaviour. 

It is very unusual for the iOS and Android apps to differ on something like this   i suspect an error. 

It also could be a change in the way the iOS operating system works, reflected onto the Sonos Controller? 


I am experiencing the same thing.  I had no iOS updates, just noticed the behavior change in the S2 app one day.  I would really like to see group selection changed back to being multi-select.

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I’m having the exact same issue (since approx. Thanksgiving 2022) and pretty unhappy about it. I’m also running everything on multiple iOS devices (old phones, iPads, etc…). It seems like a nuanced, minor issue if you only have a couple speakers (very limited permutations with 2-4 speakers), but I have 12 speakers across 8 rooms, plus 1 front yard amp, and 1 backyard amp (No, I don’t have a problem and I can stop whenever I want… I say to myself). Being able to “group” or select groups on the fly was a great feature to have instead of junking up my actual group space with tons of possible permutations. Sonos, please return it back to the way it was a month ago!