Casting from Plex app

  • 27 November 2020
  • 3 replies

Hi all. Having a few issue trying to casting to work from the Plex apps.  I can play my plex library directly from the sonos app so think my plex media server is set up correctly. However, when I try and cast from the plex/plexamp app sonos gives an error:

The leading numbers are the internal ip of the NAS running the plex server and the last number is the port. Same song plays fine from sonos app. Not sure if the issue is on sonos side, plex side or something with my network... Diagnostic from just after the screenshot 2007402986, hoping might pinpoint where the issue is...

Attempting to troubleshoot, I switched from a sonosnet setup (with playbase connected to router via ethernet) to Wi-fi following a suggestion on the Plex forum. Didn't help so I switched back.  Now I'm not sure if everything is as it should be. All players, other than my Move, are WM0 which is good, however, my router is showing my playbase as connected via Wi-Fi, not ethernet.  So I tried disabling the playbase Wi-Fi but the sound dropped from the rear play:1s and sub (I presume this is because they bond to the base using the Wi-Fi that I disabled).  Everything seems to be working with Wi-Fi re-enabled OK but I'm confused as to why the playbase is not showing up in my router config as a wired connection.  Run a diagnostic in any event 276443554.


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3 replies

Thanks John.  A factory reset of the router seems to have sorted out the wired/wireless issue, all now showing as wired.

I set up a new plex server on my laptop and have been able to cast from it so it looks like an issue with how the NAS or the server on it is configured.  I'm going to try and reset/reinstall a few things and see how we go.

You have probably seen this and other help it links to, but just in case…


I don’t think casting like this is supported by Sonos so may be hit and miss at best.  You may be trying to cure the uncurable.  Sonos is not, and has never claimed to be, fully DLNA compliant.  I have to admit, though, that I have never looked closely at Plex and Sonos.

Your analysis concerning turning off the wireless radio is correct.  Also, I too would have expected the Playbase, when wired, to show as wired in your router - I’d expect all Sonos to show as wired when in SonosNet mode.

I would not have expected SonosNet vs WiFi to be directly relevant as to whether this works or not.