Cannot disconnect Sonos acct from Plex account

  • 21 November 2022
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Ever since connecting my plex server to my brother's Sonos account as a music source (May 2021) I always have the option of casting to my brother's speakers from my plex mobile apps and from the web interface at


I have tried removing all Sonos references from Authorized Devices in plex settings. My brother has removed my plex server music from his Sonos app. He's even gone so far as changing his Sonos password. Regardless, I am still able to cast music to his speakers.


I have my own Sonos account and can play my plex server music on my Sonos products via the Sonos app. However, from my plex apps the only Sonos casting options I can see are my brother's speakers.


I can have my plex server authorized as a data source on multiple Sonos accounts; both accounts can play plex content on their individual systems. However, in my case it seems Plex apps themselves can only cast to the system of a single Sonos account. I don't know from where this limitation originates. It's as if my brother's Sonos has granted a permanent security token to my plex account and I cannot seem to get free of it to cast to my own Sonos system.


Does anyone have an suggestions to get my plex account free of my brother's Sonos account? Why am I able to cast to my brother's system after he's changed his password?


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Hi @plexything 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

I suspect each Plex account will only link to one Sonos household/account for remote playback - for your own speakers to show there as available, I suspect we do indeed need to break this connection between your Plex account and your brother’s Sonos system.

I can only recommend contacting Plex directly regarding this issue - I would be very surprised if they are not able to remove the link. They are essentially in possession of a digital token which allows you  to “push” music onto your brother’s speakers via their service.

The only other way of achieving the desired result would be to reset your brother’s entire system and set it up as a new one, thus making the token invalid. This would result in all Sonos playlists being lost, and all services would need to be added again - no settings would be retained. It would be much more work, and I don’t recommend it unless Plex are unable to help (which seems unlikely).

I hope this helps.


Edit: I just found this on the Plex forum, hopefully it is the answer you’re looking for:,johnclayton,following%20address%3A%20https%3A//,-1