Can't launch Artist Radio from Tidal.

When you select a particular artist in Tidal you can then choose between Top tracks, Albums, EPs and singles, Playlists, Artist radio and Compilations.

When selecting Artists radio you are taken to a playlist with no way of starting it. You can only select a track.

Clicking the first track does not begin playing everything and adds only that one track to your Sonos playlist.

Tidal Artist Radio worked until a few days ago, something has changed.

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I’ve got the same problem - when I try and starting playing a Tidal Artist Radio from the Sonos Android or Windows apps I get the error message “Unable to add songs to the queue”.

Everything else seems to work as normal and I can play Tidal My Mix without issue.

I signed up today to write about not even having a radio button available when I access Tidal via the Sonos app. 

I emailed Tidal thinking this was their issue and they directed me to reach out to Sonos. 

I use the radio function all the time! I’m new to Tidal and know the feature exists in the Tidal app… and I can access artist/song ‘radio’ lists in the Youtube Premium app within Sonos. 

Really hoping to see this fixed/feature added asap as this is primarily how I listen to discover new artists and when I get tired of existing playlists.

This has recently happened to me, as well.  This issue has just happened this week.  I contacted the Sonos support line and while they were quite helpful, no solution exists, yet.  It looks like we are in a holding-pattern until this issue gets resolved between Tidal and Sonos.

Same problem.  Can we get some support here?

Haven’t seen anyone submit a system diagnostic yet, something that would likely help figure out what’s going on. 

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I contacted Sonos support and they have recreated the problem. I guess they’ll look into it now.

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Same issue here. Love tidal but lose many cool features in sonos app. I have 13 sonos products so I’ve paid my ticket fee to ask for more integration work. ;)

I have the same issue. I contacted support, submitted a diagnostic report, and now I am waiting for Sonos to resolve the problem.



Yep same problem here, hopefully a fix is ok its way.

This appears to be fixed now!

Thanks everybody for your contributions.