Can't find Linux PC music library from Android phone controller (Sonos 1)

  • 3 June 2023
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Hope someone can help - I’m a bit new to all this!

I recently ditched Windows for Linux (didn’t want to throw away a perfectly good laptop!) and am trying to get my Sonos 1 controller on Android to see the music library on the laptop. I think I’ve managed to share the Music folder but whenever I try to enter the file path for the music library, the Sonos app cannot find the computer! I’ve seen a few articles where people seem to have sorted the problem but I simply don’t have the knowledge of where to find the global settings they’re all talking about!!

Anyone got the patience to help an old bloke get some music back in his life please?! 🙏

2 replies

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If you can still go back to Windows, you should, it’s a lot easier for this. On Linux you have to set up samba in the right way. Good luck.

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Could be a number of things, firewall or SELinux come to mind. I would find a support forum for your distro and explain what you are trying to do.


You probably want to start with the system logs and see if Sonos is being blocked and why.