Can't add Spotify playlist to queue

  • 6 March 2024
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Ever since the last S1 software update, I’ve been unable to add a 1,400 track playlist to the queue.

It was usually ok before that, it now fails every single time.

It times out after 10 seconds.

Short playlists are ok.

I’ve rebooted the router and all the speakers.

I’ve got a Play5 connected directly to a Bridge via ethernet, even on its own it fails.

I can play on Spotify and then use Sonos speakers, but I can’t set that up as an alarm.


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2 replies

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The playlist loading code has a 10 (or is it 20?) second timeout, both in the app and on the Spotify gateway.

If you are finding it fail right at 10 seconds then you have hit that restriction, you’ll need to split it and create a shorter version for your alarm.

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Hi @LizardMan

I don’t use S1, but I do use Spotify. I found a public playlist with over 1000 songs and tested with that (my personal playlists have around 100 songs) and it queued without any issues and I’m not experiences dropouts.

By ‘it was usually ok before’, do you mean that you sometimes had issues with the larger playlist before the update? Splitting your playlist in two would be the easiest solution here, though I can see how that could be undesirable.

I’d put this down to network issues, however as you’ve rebooted your system and tested smaller playlists, then it’s possible the Bridge is the problem device here, though it could still be a network related issue. The Bridge was helpful back when routers weren’t as powerful as they are now, but generally it causes more problems than resolving them, wiring any speaker would be a better solution. You have mentioned trying the Play:5 on its own, but was this wireless or wired, also was the Bridge still powered on? If it was wireless, then try wiring the Play:5 to your router with the Bridge out of your system.

Since this issue seems like you can replicate this issue, then I’d suggest submitting a diagnostics and reaching out to our support team for further assistance. They have the necessary tools available to look into your system to see why the playlist is failing to queue, and can give reasonable steps to resolve or prevent this issue.

I hope this helps!