Can't add Pandora music service

In the Sonos app, under “Suggested Services” I see Pandora, but when I click on it, nothing happens. Also, Pandora does not come up in the search box under the “Add a Service” screen. Please advise.



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Which country is the system located in?


It finally appeared as an option.

I’m having major issues keeping this speaker connected after upgrading my router to an Asus Zen WiFi AX system. Looking around the forums, it looks like it just doesn’t play nice with a mesh router or at least not an Asus router. Wish I would have known that before I bought that router. It’s been a very frustrating experience - I’ve tried everything including hard resets of my network and the Sonos Play1 multiple times. Looks like I’m either going to have to abandon the router or the Sonos -- probably the Sonos. Everything else seems to be able to connect just fine.

Factory reset of the SONOS will not deal with this issue.

Nothing I’ve tried seems to be dealing with this issue and I can’t find any other solutions. But it’s very strange that everything else I have (15 connected devices, most wireless) connect just fine to my new mesh router. This is a Sonos issue as far as I’m concerned.

Surely, if this was an issue endemic to Sonos, these forums would be awash with complaints, and not just from Asus users?

Other devices are not always a good thing to compare with, as they don’t operate on the network in the same manner as Sonos devices do. 

I’d be very tempted in your situation, given the ongoing issues you’re experiencing, to go with a wired setup, and pull the network information completely from the Sonos controller. In fact, I do run a wired system, and run my 20+ speakers without issue. I happen to use a BOOST connected to a router, mostly as there aren’t any speakers close enough to wire directly. 

I ended up hooking up my old router and everything worked immediately. It shouldn’t be so hard to connect a wireless speaker to a new WiFi network. We shouldn’t have to use ethernet, Boost or anything else to connect a simple speaker to the network. There are lots of complaints about mesh Wifi networks in this forum. Sonos needs to coordinate more with the router manufacturers and get with the program. This has been a whole waste of a day.

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Modern ASUS routers are not compatible with Sonos. This is 100% ASUS’ fault. If you go back to the Feb ASUS firmware and factory reset the router, you’ll be fine, based on the other ASUS threads here.

I was going to just let this die, but how is this 100% Asus’ fault? I said earlier that I have about 15 other devices that I hooked up to my new Asus router this morning with absolutely no problem, including tablets, cell phones, amazon echos, smart plugs, laptops, security cameras, printers, thermostats etc. NONE of the other devices had any issues connecting with or maintaining a connection to the new Asus mesh router. In addition, the Sonos connection process is way too complicated and overly clunky, especially for a non-technical person. Such things as having to make sure your cell phone is on a 2.4 network, etc. If there is an ongoing issue with Asus routers, they need to work together to fix the problem - but this was mainly SONOS problem - at least it certainly was for me. I appreciate the remedies suggested, but I was not going to factory reset the router, downgrade the firmware and spend all that time reconnecting everything just so one device can connect. No need for any reply to this, I just had to get it off my chest.

Looking through the other side of the window -- SONOS has worked fine with countless routers over the years, but there is an issue with a few versions of ASUS firmware.

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“tablets, cell phones, amazon echos, smart plugs, laptops, security cameras, thermostats etc. NONE of “ these devices have to communicate with other devices ON YOUR LOCAL NETWORK. they just have to go out to the internet and back. Sonos requires routers correctly pass data between devices on your local network, and Asus fails at this.

Don’t believe me? Capture your network data and dig into it.