can no longer find podcast on 18.04

  • 11 May 2024
  • 1 reply

up until a few days ago, I was using Sonos s2 v16.1 with the classic search on an iPad.  I’ve since upgraded to 18.04.  now, I can no longer find the podcast on Amazon that I was looking for.  can you tell me how to find the “Playing with Fire” (radio 1100 am WHLI) podcast?  

alternatively, is there a way to use classic search on 18.04?  or, lacking that, is there a way to back to sonos 16.1? 

1 reply

I upgraded today and suddenly my favorite podcast is not available.  I’m getting a message: “No Longer Available. Select Edit Home to remove it. Really??  Can I no longer use Sonos to listen to a favorite podcast?