Buffalo LS210D NAS Issues With Number of Files

  • 16 September 2021
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I purchase this Buffalo NAS: https://www.buffalo-technology.com/productpage/linkstation-ls210d/ after my WD NAS with almost 1TB of data (mostly music) caught some malware and died on me. After sending it off to a company to get my files back, they returned it with many, many duplicate music (mostly MP3 for PC) files.

When I tried to add this new library, I get the error that I have reached my capacity and to delete playlists and such.

Is there a way, other than manually going and deleting ~100K+ duplicates files, that Sonos can filter these songs? I’m currently going through the process of deleting files using a purchased software called Easy Duplicate Finder but that’s not perfect and even after running it for 2 days, I get the same error.

Please let me know what I should do, thanks.


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2 replies

Only if those duplicates are in a different folder. The Sonos doesn’t have the ability to filter duplicate files in the same folder.

I’m afraid you’re going to have to go through them manually, and delete the dupes. Sorry. 

It’s also worth double checking which device is actually doing the scan. For instance, an older low memory device will be slower/run out of space long before a newer (and also hard wired) device would. It isn’t the software on your computer that’s doing that scan, it’s actually the software on a speaker. 

That being said, I’m not sure how to identify which device is actually doing the process, you may want to system diagnostic after getting that failure method, and asking Sonos for more information. 

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There are programs that will search for duplicate files and give you the choice what files to remove. I have used a program called “Duplicate cleaner Free’ in the past.