Best device for S2 for ease and functionality

  • 21 September 2023
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After many hours of effort I have finally upgraded my old S1 to S2 with my Play 3's.

I am using a new Samsung Galaxy S8+ tablet but there seems to be limited functionality on this device.

I would like to add Samsung music which resides on this device.

I would also like to add my CD collection which is on my laptop.

It appears there is an issue at the moment with Sonos and adding libraries but I can't even see an option.

I am a bit traumatised about being too ambitious at the moment in case I undo the many hours already spent. 

Is there greater functionality on a laptop than a tablet ?

Any help is appreciated





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2 replies

Adding the music library on a laptop is far easier if you install the Sonos Controller for Windows/MacOS.


As iOS did years ago, Android recently stopped allowing music on a device to be shared externally, so you can no longer play music stored on an Android.


Many thanks for your help and the link - fixed a couple of issues.

After downloading S2 to my laptop I had my computer music linked to my tablet in minutes. I didn’t know I couldn’t play music residing on my tablet to Sonos. Even now find that I need my laptop (as a server) open but have a more mobile control with the tablet. 

Thanks again and regards