bbc sounds cutting out on live radio

  • 1 February 2024
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Hi. Running S2 on a system with kitchen (play 3) , dining room (connect amp),  2 bedrooms (beam 2+ play1) and garage (play bar), with a boost hardwired to my router (archer AX11000). We listen to live radio on BBC sounds, usually in a group with the kitchen and dining room. Everyday, the dining room cuts in and out, and sometimes we lose all speakers playing from BBC sounds. 

Diagnostic 542872192 taken from last night.  Any ideas?? 





The system is working OK so far today. I just tried to take another diagnostic for comparison, but I’m getting the “sorry, unable to send diagnostic to Sonos at this time” error. 

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It’s been quite stable this morning. Here is a new diagnostic for comparison. 658375257

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I’ve posted on a few other threads about problems we have with older Sonos kit – cutting in and cutting out. (we are experiencing this with two connect amps)  

We use the BBC app a lot and this is a persistent problem. It seems to be an issue with the S2 system and older kit. It is resolved by turning off, leaving, and turning back on after about 15 minutes. This then lasts for a couple of days before the problem starts again. It’s a known issue. 

I would be interested to know if this is your experience too.

Exactly this Jon. It’s the amp that’s cutting out. It’s doing it now. On off on off on off. Resetting  by it works for a while then the problem comes back again. 


I'm getting the same issue on a Sonos connect using S2, if I power off and back on it works for awhile then starts again really annoying.

Yes the same here on a Play 3 does seem to be the BBC Sounds implementation only though.

It seems to use ridiculously short tcp session timeouts I suspect that is the problem - but alternative access points and routers makes no difference.

I will try turning on and off but that is very poor I was looking for something more technical.