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Despite resetting the SONOS system as advised on another forum and checking that my address is recorded as UK, BBC sounds is not listed as a service. We are still able to access BBC through the MyTuner service but are constantly reminded the service will end soon and to use BBC Sounds. I know how to go into the settings and how to add a service but not sure how to add it to the services.  TIA Theresa


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I’m from the UK and I just checked and the service is definitely showing here for me, see attached. So it does not appear to be offline etc.

If it’s not in your Sonos App services list and you’ve confirmed the UK settings in your online Sonos profile, have tried power-cycling your router/devices and have also reset the Sonos App too, then I would try switching the router to use a different DNS server, such as the Google ( or Cloudflare ( public DNS servers and see if that resolves the issue.

Hi Ken 

Thank you. I’ll try that next 


Make doubly sure that your online profile country setting is showing as United Kingdom here:

Hi Ken

All up and running now

Many thanks 

Theresa 😉

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Whoever advised you to “reset your system” to fix this should be ignored for all future Sonos advice.

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I would like to piggy back on this question please.  I am also unable to see the BBC Sounds app on any of my controllers (Mac devices and iPhones).


My country is definitely set to UK on my profile and I have waited overnight to try but it still does not show up.  I have looked out, waited and logged in several times but no joy.


Any other advice?



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In the Sonos App goto Settings/System/System Updates and hit Check for Updates. This can be necessary to force a refresh of the service list.

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It said there where no updates, but I could finally install BBC Sounds after this!

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An Update.


I have managed to get it working but it needed me to reset my controller on my Mac (guess iPhone as well) rather than just signing out and back in.  Resetting is not an issue.  the controller automatically finds the last system and asks if you want to join it and all the information that was there before is retained.


Will now try it out to see if the Beeb have got it right.



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Wrong thread.