BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Xtra

  • 6 September 2021
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Is anyone else having problems with BBC Radio 5 Live Sports extra. Tried tuning in this morning through my Sonos, but it's not playing and says that access is denied. I see that access is denied from outside UK but I am in the UK. Anyone else having the same problem or does anyone have a possible solution to this?

Any help greatly appreciated.

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8 replies

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There was a reddit post about this (specifically the cricket coverage) and the official Sonos response was this stream is currently broken so use a different aggregator for now (ie not TuneIn).

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It was Facebook not reddit:

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Yes I had this issue with TuneIn and Sonos Radio. I changed to RadioPlayer and that is/was ok

Thank you so much for your responses. I have changed to RadioPlayer, which was very easy to do, and my problem is resolved.

Can you confirm this definitely works using RadioPlayer? I can get the main BBC stations to play but not Sports Extra. Is it just me?



I’ve just checked and I can still get BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra through RadioPlayer. Hope you manage to get it to work for you.

Thanks Michelle - really appreciate you responding.


Still not working for me (option is there but just won’t start playing) but, helpfully, a kind person on Reddit recommended the ‘myTuner Radio’ app which does work. So, hopefully, there are at least two possible solutions for others to try.


Thanks again

Useful thread thanks.  You can also add BBC Sounds now too which is quite handy too