BBC local radio not working

I have been listening to BBC Radio Cornwall for years.  From yesterday it has suddenly stopped working and plays a rolling message saying that BBC Local Radio is unavailable due to 'contractual reasons' or a 'technical fault'.

Does anyone have any knowledge about this and when/if it will be corrected please?

BBC Radio 4, for example, works fine.


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Perhaps see this thread below, but there are many threads on this topic - just search the forum for "BBC Radio”…


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I’ve just checked, and can get it via Radioplayer. There are some contractual issues between the Beeb and some streaming services, AIUI. 

Thanks. I will ask the BBC.

Apparently it's just for the duration of the Tokyo Olympics. I contacted the BBC and got this reply:

"Thank you for contacting BBC Sounds support to report that local radio stations are unavailable.

During the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, local BBC radio stations will not be available online to listeners located outside the UK. National radio stations will be available, however some programmes, or segments of a programme, may be unavailable. This is due to rights reasons.

This may also impact some UK listeners if the device accessing the stream uses Shoutcast. Shoutcast has one stream covering both the UK and overseas, so these will be unavailable at this time. If your device is affected, you'll hear a looping message advising that the stream isn't available at the moment.

If you're within the UK, you might prefer to use a different device to listen to our local radio streams in the meantime. We appreciate this may not be ideal, but it may provide a solution for listening in the interim. For more help with how to listen, have a look at our FAQ:

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics started on Friday 23 July and finishes on Sunday 8 August. After this date, BBC radio streams will be available again as normal.

Thank you for your patience and understanding, and for taking the time to contact us.

Kind regards,

Matt O'Shea

BBC iPlayer & BBC Sounds Support Team 


Hope this helps! 

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Wow. Another rights issue, just for radio (so eyewitness) coverage of the Olympics? ……. And this could not have been be published in advance? And why only the local stations? Because there’s nobody there that can distinguish between the local program and the coverage of the Olympics (and turn the program off for internet when it covers the Olympics) - so it is a personnel/money driven choice by the BBC?

Well I watched the closing ceremony yesterday, but when I tried to get my local radio this morning, I still received the looped message saying BBC local radio is not available.

When will it get back to normal?


Just tried Radio Manchester for the lunch time news and it was back on again.


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So the only BBC employee that could flick the switch had a lie in? ;-)

Bloody Paralympics now!!


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MyTuner Radio is still playing content rather than looped “error” message, when I checked just now. 

Well I’ve had the looped message all day so far on Radio Manchester ☹️

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Well I’ve had the looped message all day so far on Radio Manchester ☹️


Using which streaming service?

Using ‘myTuner Radio’ on the Sonos app

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BBC Radio Manchester seems ok on Radioplayer. 

I’m not sure what you mean by Radioplayer.  The station is available on the internet, but not using the Sonos app.

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Go to Settings, Services and Voice, Add a Service. Scroll down to Radioplayer and add it to your system. Then Search, Stations for BBC Radio Manchester. 

That did the trick!

Thank you Nik9669a, for your advice and clear instructions on how to receive it via this alternate service on Sonos.


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Happy to help and glad it works; why notadd some other services too? I find some stations play under different circumstances on different services. 

Which usually means that those different “streamers” have been given different port locations on the originating server, (or even separate servers)  so they have different rules that apply to the streams.